Traditional Memorials for Churchyards

The rules and regulations governing memorials for Churchyards are, on the whole, more stringent than those for Cemeteries. Polished finishes, kerb sets and gold letters are but a few articles that fall foul of the Diocesan regulations. If granites are used they must be a light grey colour and not have a polished finish. Our traditional memorials collection contains stones that comply too the regulations. N.B. Some Churches are reluctant to allow carvings other than crosses.
We have given a guide price for a standard size memorial in the material shown. There is a fee of £144.00 payable to the Church for the introduction of a new headstone into the Churchyard. Lettering styles and inscription costs can be viewed HERE

Tablet Memorials for Churchyards

Tablets may be made from Slate, Limestone, Sandstone or Granite. As the stone tablets are laid directly into the ground we do not recommend the use of sandstone or most limestones as they are very porous and can deteriorate relatively quickly.
We have illustrated our four preferred materials as they have a proven record. With regard to granite tablets there are many different light grey granites so if you do not like the two granites shown we may be able to find one that is more to your liking.
Some churches have their own bylaws on top of the Diocesan regulations. There is a fee of £76.00 payable to the Church for the introduction of a new memorial tablet into the Churchyard. Please follow this link to see what is permissible in your local churchyard.