About Us

J. Gumbrill - Serving Sussex and Surrey since 1905

Gumbrills is a long established firm of masons based in and around the town of Horsham. They cover a large area ranging from Eastbourne to Midhurst and from Brighton to London in their everyday work though they are happy to go further a field should the need arise. As well as doing work for the general public they have also carried out many projects for various churches and councils.

Annissa Zitouni
Annissa will be most people’s first point of contact when getting in touch with Gumbrills. She will guide you through the process of choosing the memorial you want and will be able to answer your questions and explain the technicalities involved. Annissa will liaise with the cemetery authorities and complete any paperwork on your behalf.

Letter cutting
Our letter cutting team is headed by Mr Rob Jolly. Between them the team have many years experience in the lettering trade. They are highly skilled in all types of lettering from the complex raised lead to the relatively simple computer cut stencil.

Richard and Tom are J.Gumbrill’s fixing and renovations team. They both have a City and Guilds qualification and are on the N.A.M.M. (National Association of Memorial Masons) register of qualified memorial fixers(R.Q.M.F). Richard is also a B.R.A.M.M. (British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons) registered fixer.